Matilda’s Own

Matilda’s own batting comes from Australia. It is made from the highest quality, and combines Australian materials and processes to produce a premium batting. Their organic Bamboo is the most eco-friendly fibre they produce as it grows without the need for supplemetal irrigation or insecticides. This fibre is 100% sustainable and all naturally grown. The Bamboo also has natural anti-bacterial properties making it ideal for bedding products, and is arguably the softest wadding that Matilda’s Own produces.

The battings below are normally always in stock:

The most qualities are also available in bags from 240 x 275 cm.
Rolls will be shipped for free.

QualityWidthArticle codeBag
Bag Batting 80 centimeterM1000-80No
100% Bamboo240 centimeterM950-240Yes
100% Polyester 240 centimeterM500-240Yes
100% Wool 240 centimeterM300-240Yes
60% Wool / 40% Polyester240 centimeterM100-240Yes
100% Cotton 240 and 310 centimeterM400-240 / 310 Yes, only 240 cm width
80% Cotton – 20% Polyester240 and 310 centimeterM800-240 / 310Yes, only 240 cm width
100% Organic cotton240 centimeterOC400-240No